The commitment of this service is to maximise return on investment through a bilateral approach:

  • To maximise store performance and turnover through deliberate store layout, traffic flow, merchandising placement, ergonomics, fixture design and store ambience strategies.
  • To minimise shop fitout costs.

Pivotal in achieving this commitment is design brief development. Each individual project begins with listening to our clients and understanding their needs. Developing a thorough understanding of your customer demographic, as well as the nature of your business and your design intent is of utmost importance. The design process is a team effort in which the client plays a key role.

The objective is to work with you to create a retail environment that will fulfil your aspirations for your business both from a professional service and retail sales driven perspective.

Traffic flow through your shop layout is of the utmost priority.

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If your customers do not see your stock in a typical visit how can you expect them to know what you keep and purchase it ? Achieving the best possible traffic flow is a priority of this service and is one of the single most important factors in terms of maximising your average sale.

Upmarket fittings are designed only when appropriate to the intended market demographic and do not have to be expensive to manufacture where budgetary constraints are an important parameter. Fixture designs are produced to create a deliberate shop ambience as well as providing functionalism. In today’s world of increased internet trading the cost of fitout overheads needs to be minimised to stay competitive.

Customers should only be subliminally aware of the fixtures that allow for the best possible placement of stock given the intended market demographic and purchasing behaviours. The aim of this service is to create retail spaces that are stimulating and inspire people to buy always focusing on the stock being the ‘hero’.

Previous extensive layout and design experience (over a twenty year period) includes developing new store formats for Guardian Pharmacies and Priceline Pharmacies and the application of the new designs to individual stores as well as design for many corporates who already have fitout standards in place.


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